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Syntax Coloring

Perl script that performs syntax highlighting of program source files. Currently it works with Perl, C, Java, JavaScript, and Python. It's easily extensible to other languages too.

Perl CGI script that demonstrates how to handle file transfers from HTML forms. It's heavily commented to explain how it works.

Hide Email Addresses in Web Pages (hideaddr.c)

A very simple command-line utility to encode your email address in the hopes of fooling spammers' address harvesters. Encoding your email address in this way is not a guarantee that address harvesters won't find it. Any of the tricks people use (e.g. "kyle at example dot com") to hide email addresses on web pages are susceptible to smart harvesters, but this has the advantage of looking normal to users through their browsers. Documentation is included as comments within the source file.

Sample Perl auto-reply script

Perl concept script for creating an automatic reply mechanism. It's from Chapter 8 of my Postfix book. This script will require some customization on your part, but it's a good starting point.