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Spam Detection Concepts

(book excerpt) Exerpted from Chapter 11 of Postfix: The Definitive Guide, this introductory section of the chapter is meant to give you the conceptual background information you need to create your own spam blocking configuration.

Anit-Spam Restriction Classes

(book excerpt) Exerpted from Chapter 11 of Postfix: The Definitive Guide, this section covers creating restriction classes to refine how your anti-spam rules are applied.

Postfix and the Mailman GID

(book excerpt) Are you running Postfix and Mailmain and seeing the error: WANTED gid 12 GOT gid 99?? This short sidebar excerpted from the book, explains how to fix it.

Experimental Book Chapter

I'm looking for feedback on an experiment that presents the introduction to Postfix as a narrative. My thinking is that it might be more engaging and therefore easier to learn from. It also has a nice feature in that it naturally motivates topics as they are being described. Let me know what you think.

Troubleshooting with Postfix Logs

(O'Reilly Network, January 2004) Introduction to Postfix logging that discusses Postfix logging in general, how to find all of the relevant information in the logs, and finally, how to increase the amount of logging when more information is needed.

Turning Off Body and Header Checks for Internal Users

(How-To) Now that your body and header checks are doing what they're supposed to, you realize that you don't need to run them on mail from your internal users. This How-To explains one way to turn them off for your trusted users.

IBM's Secure Mailer

(SysAdmin Magazine, December 1999) This is an older article, but the first half does give an overview of Postfix that is still relevant. The second half of the article walks through a Postfix installation, which has changed since this was written.