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Sea Glass Collecting Magazine, Beach Glass

Welcome to The Sea Glass Journal, an online magazine for sea glass collectors, artisans and those who are just plain curious about sea glass. Learn more about the history of sea glass, some of the world's great glassing spots, craft and jewelry ideas, and from interviews with other sea glass lovers.

Sea Glass Lovers

Seaglasslovers is the largest online community dedicated to sea glass collectors around the world. Members share craft and display ideas for sea glass, shard id help, sea glass collecting beaches, over 8000 beach and sea glass photos and much more! There are speciality groups for your area or the area you are planning to visit for your next beach vacation. Membership is free and we are a non commercial and jewelry free website.

Sea Glass Artists & Sea Glass Collectors

Sea Glass Artists & Sea Glass Collectors is the original Ning social networking site for sea glass collectors. In addition to having a lot of great information about sea glass there is also a lot of information about mosaics, photography and jewelry making. This is a non commercial website.

North East Sea Glass Society

The "North East Sea Glass Society" welcomes seaglass lovers geopgraphically connected in the North East USA to share in the hunt experience. We are a non commercial site with free membership. We have a wealth of information from the best beaches in New England to sea glass hunt to "how to crafting with sea glass".

The Sea Glass Association serves the world's sea glass community. Featuring a website, an online community, festivals and more for the collector, the enthusiast, beach combers and artists alike.

Read, comment, or add your blurb to one of our sea glass community forums: Your Sea Glass Photo of the Month - Add a Sea Glass Beach Report - Questions & Answers - Sea Glass Crafts - Favorite Beaches - Catch of the Day - What is your best or worst Beach Sea Glass Story?

The Mission Statement for this website is: "To educate individuals about authentic sea glass and the importance of the conservation and preservation of the oceans and the natural sea glass found there. No artificially altered sea glass no exceptions!"

Find Sea Glass

Learn all about the history of sea glass and where you can find it.

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