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Pure Sea Glass: Discovering Nature's Vanishing Gems

Pure Sea Glass is an incredible reference for any coastal enthusiast. More than 200 elegant images by photographer Celia Pearson present some of the best sea glass ever collected, along with samples of the classical glassware that is often its source. Author Richard LaMotte provides tremendous detail on all aspects of identifying sea glass, its historical significance, ways to assess rarity, and the most advantageous locations and times to search for it. The reader also is introduced to the science of how sea glass develops its uniquely frosted patina. LaMotte explains how crystalline formations on the surface ofsea glass shards transform them into highly prized gems. The book's color- rating scale is based on an intensive study of more than 30,000 pieces of sea glass. It helps readers determine how rare each piece in their own collections might be. A comprehensive assemblage of antique bottles and tableware informs the reader while paying tribute to the great American glass industry prior to mass-production.

A Passion for Sea Glass

Some people's passion for sea glass goes beyond collecting--they use it to create something of beauty. Carole Lambert, author of Sea Glass Chronicles, gives us entree into the studios of those who do everything from gathering and amassing sea glass mulch for landscaping to designing stained-sea-glass windows. This volume will arouse a renewed sense of wonder in those who already possess a passion for sea glass and win legions of new sea-glass devotees.

2010 Sea Glass Wall Calendar

A calendar inspired by the book abover, can grace your wall with visions of sea glass and pottery shards. These beach finds have often traveled far to be flung at the feet of collectors and artists, many of whom produce stunning creations with them. Inspired by the book, A Passion for Sea Glass, this calendar features beautiful photographs of the collections and works of art created by the artists in the book, as well as tips and secrets for finding sea glass.

Sea Glass Chronicles

Leads the reader through the worlds between the tides, with tales of the origins of each shard, whether glass or ceramic.

Sea Glass A Photographic Journey

A wonderful 48 page hard cover book designed for the beach house coffee table. Sea Glass A Photographic Journey will fascinate you with its beautiful photos of genuine sea glass, and wonderful quotes from sea glass collectors from around the world. Christeena Hockin-Minopetros is an avid sea glass collector and jewelry designer. She was inspired to write and photograph this book from her love of genuine sea glass that she and her husband find on the beach.