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A Shore Thing

Parade Magazine article featuring Richard LaMotte and the North American Sea Glass Assocition. Includes a slide show of sea glass.

The Godfather of Sea Glass

Few sea glass collectors DON'T recognize the name of Richard LaMotte. As the author of Pure Sea Glass: Discovering Nature's Vanishing Gems, LaMotte is a nationally recognized authority on sea glass. His book is now in its 5th printing, and he is routinely interviewed by national media including Coastal Living magazine.

Sea Glass: The Search on the Shore

The Smithsonian Magazine covered a couple who have made their living with sea glass. "For what it's worth, LaMotte and her husband, Richard, are among America's sea glass hunting elite; she makes sea glass jewelry in their Chestertown, Md. home, he—vice president of an environmental analysis firm by day—is the author of a seminal sea glass book, and together they run Sea Glass Publishing..."

Strolling the shore for sea glass

A article discusses the business of collecting sea glass. "When Rogers spies a new shard on a beach, she guesses its age and origin by looking at surface wear and crack patterns. She often finds glass on beaches where town dumps existed centuries ago."

Look What the Tide Brought In

From the Washington Post: "Today, those frosted, shimmery shards -- softened and smoothed by decades underwater -- are being sought by collectors, artisans and would-be archeologists. Bags of sea glass are sold by the pound on eBay."